GM Liu Dianzhong's Endgame Lectures Chapter 08
Chariot Cannon Endgames 01

This is the first page in Chapter 8 which is focused on 1r1c endgames
The chariot and cannon both attack in straight lines and function very well as deadly long ranged weapons. Therefore, when the chariot and cannon are combined in attack, they are able to complement each other and is a very lethal combination indeed. Because the chariot and cannon are also very mobile, the attack is often very straightforward and seldom beat around the bush. If pawns are able to further assist in the kill, the combined efforts of this combination would allow many tactical possibilities to come into use, like forming a blockade, obstructing the movement of the opponent's pieces, idle moves etc. The end result is often a breathtaking attack, and very exciting too. Sometimes, the tactics that can be employed could also determine the game. That is why the beginner MUST treasure and learn how to use this combination properly.
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I have redone GM Liu Dianzhong's lectures adding footnotes to his explanations to make things easier for the newcomer and I have tried my best to add the explanations to some of the variations to help the beginner appreciate the game better. If you discover any mistakes or have better moves, please email me at or

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GM Liu Dianzhong for making learning endgames a much easier job!
Mr Felix Tan for advice in various aspects of the game.
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