GM Liu Dianzhong's Endgame Lectures Chapter 04
Single Cannon Endgames 01

After weeks of horsey endgames, we now focus our attention on the CANNON. For 'amphibious' players (playing both Xiangqi and International Chess) or players who are new to Xiangqi and have an International Chess background, this is a good place to get to know and start learning the Cannon, which is a unique chess piece to Xiangqi (and maybe a few other Xiangqi derived games).
The cannon is made only powerful when there are other pieces to act as a cannon mount. Otherwise, it can only block other pieces.
As usual, GM Liu Dianzhong starts with the fundamentals of the fundamentals.

Kungfu endgames...Thy training continues...
PS: It is way past midnight now, and my mind is not clear. I tried to add some of the variations as the book did not give the final kill. If there are mistakes, please tell me. I have also added some footnotes for the beginner to help understand the boards more clearly.

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5th Aug 2012
GM Liu Dianzhong for making learning endgames a much easier job!
Mr Felix Tan for advice in various aspects of the game.
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