GM Liu Dianzhong's Endgame Lectures Chapter 03
Horse Pawn Endgames 03

This is the third page of a series of pages dealing with 1h1p endgames.
In this page, 1h1hp sw 2a1e is shown first. After which 1h1lp is pit against 2a1e. It would be a draw for the 2a1e side but principles have to be met. There are instances of positional wins if the 2a1e side fails to abide to the priniciples. This is even more advanced than the previous page.
These are also the most fundamental of the horse endgames. They may seem easy, but there are many principles to adhere to. A tiny mistake and a draw could be a loss, or a win would become a draw.

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First created: 13th July 2012
Last updated: 13th July 2012
GM Liu Dianzhong for making learning endgames a much easier job!
Mr Felix Tan for advice in various aspects of the game.
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