2 Cannon Endgames 03

In this section, endgames concerning only 2 Cannons are discussed. Please refer to the other sections of a combination of cannons with other attacking pieces like the chariot/horse/pawn...
2 Cannon kills may seem simple but they are definitely not. 
Cannons are less powerful in endgames as there are relatively less pieces to act as their cannon mounts. The king, as usual is needed to help attack or defend. The cannons then attack with a filed type or ranked type or a file/rank type of attack. Sometime, they are used to block the elephants or to pin the opponent's pieces.
The double cannons are pitted against various solitary cannon combinations.
In this section, the following endgames are discussed : 
2c d 1c , 2c pw 1c ,
2c pw 1c2a , 2c1a sw 1c2a , 2c1a pw 2c1e
c2a2e d 1c2e , 2c2a2e pw 1c2e
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