One Horse and One Pawn 
Combination Endgames p03

The horse and pawn combination can be considered to be a miniature version of the one chariot and one horse combination. The tactics used are similar except that the pawn is much more limited as compared to the chariot.
As in all pawn endgames, the position of the pawn is a major factor influencing the outcome of the game. For recording purposes,
hp = high pawn, or any pawn that is NOT at the throat rank or bottom rank
bp = bottom pawn, or any pawn that is on the bottom rank or throat rank.
As some of the boards have been prepared long ago, you might see the abbreviation "Lp" to represent low pawn, but they are in equivalent to bp.
As in so many of the other endgames, the king plays a crucial role in helping to control the files.
This page discusses the how the 1h1p combination fares against the combination of 2a1e.
1h1bp hw 2a1e , 1h1bp pw 2a1e , 1h1hp sw 2a1e , 1h1hp1a sw 2a1e

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Last updated: 1st Jan 2012
1) David from Germany who pointed out a flaw in 1h pw 1p am jnms 027. Thanks!
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