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Chariot and Pawn endgames are perhaps the hardest of all endgames to master. They seem easy but are actually very very complex in nature. Indeed, most of the famous endgame puzzles like The Gathering of the Seven Stars, Travelling a Thousand Miles Alone...are all chariot pawn endgames.
In this section, the combination of one chariot and one pawn is compared to various combinations of the chariot and advisor(s). The positioning of the king and chariot are of the utmost importance.
tp= throat ranked pawn, bp=bottom ranked pawn,
hp= high pawn (pawn that has not advanced to the throat rank or bottom rank)

The following endgames are discussed. 
1r1bp sw 1r (red chariot is central chariot) , 1r1bp hw 1r (black chariot is central chariot) ,
1r1bp pw 1r (black chariot is central chariot)
1r1tp h hw 1r1a , 1r1p1e pw 1r2a
These seemingly simple endgames teach a very important lesson on the proper use of the chariot pawn combination and what it can do. I will add on to the list as time goes by!

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