One Chariot One Cannon Endgames p03

Chariot and Cannon endgames are quite often encountered in actual play. Both the chariot and cannon kill with rank typed and filed type checkmates. In endgames, the cannon needs cannon mounts to be functional, otherwise it would be merely a piece that can be used to block or defend. Its attacking capabilities are greatly decreased. 
These endgames are very practical. When there are other pieces to act as cannon mounts, the cannon's function would be multiplied manifold. But there are still tricks and lessons to be learnt.
In this section, the combination of one chariot and one cannon is compared against various combinations of the chariot and horse with/without other defending pieces.
As in most other endgames, the positioning of the king and chariot are of the utmost importance.
The following endgames are discussed. 
1r1c2a2e hw 1r1h2a , 1r1c2a2e pw 1r2h2a (3 examples) 

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