One Cannon and One Pawn 
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The one cannon and one pawn combination is another basic endgame that must be mastered. Very practical. It consists of many "must memorize" endgames situations, and after knowing them well, you can have more choices for decision making in the midgame-endgame section.
As in all pawn endgames, the position of the pawn is a major factor influencing the outcome of the game. The king is often used to control a certain file as in the other endgames.
Before we continue, tribute must be paid to 陈廉庸 Chen Lianyong, an endgames specialist who dedicated much of his time in studying endgames back in the 1950's. He discovered many sure-win situations and many positional wins and they form the basis for endgame theory today. Chen wrote a few books and relevant to this section is his great work of over 160 endgames studying the 1c1p combination alone in《炮卒专集》or "The Cannon and Pawn Endgame Volume" (my translation). Indeed, he is mentioned in nearly all my endgame books. The examples given in his book are used extensively.
For recording purposes,
hp = high pawn, or any pawn that is NOT at the throat rank or bottom rank
bp = bottom pawn, or any pawn that is on the bottom rank or throat rank.
As some of the boards have been prepared long ago, you might see the abbreviation "Lp" to represent low pawn, but they are in equivalent to bp.
In this section, the cannon and pawn are pit against the mighty chariot. In most instances, the chariot would win hands down. However, I have selected a few games to show how the humble combination of 1c1p is able to defeat the might chariot. Think of it as David vs Goliath. The cannon and pawn are used to their extreme.
1c1bp1a1e pw 1r2a , 1c2p1a pw 1r2p2a , 1c1hp1a1e pd 1r1hp1tp am mrsj g133

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The late endgames specialist/genius 陈廉庸 Chen Lianyong whose work ARE still the basis of many endgames today.
References: Please refer to the various books listed on the endgames menu page.

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