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2005 A League Part 02

Starting from May 2015, puzzles, games and other related Xiangqi material will be published sporadically. From Jan 2016 onward, to save space on my website, I will upload all the annotated games, puzzles etc at the end of the week, from Fri-Sun when I am free. There will not be any uploads on Saturday and Sunday unless I have the time and no familial commitments.
The A League 甲級聯賽 was started in 2003 and is considered to be the toughest team even in China today. It is a professional Xiangqi team tournament. Prior to 2003, teams participated in the Chinese National Team Championships which was the only available team tournament.
These are games from the 2005 Tournament. I have attempted to upload the boards according to the ECCO classification so that the reader can identify patterns in the same opening.
I have also tried to double my output to four matches a day and see if I keep going. If it takes up too much time, I might have to go back to the '2 matches per day' format on Facebook.

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