Published Material from 20161205-20161209

Found these files over the internet. They were played by International Grandmaster Wu Kui Lin 吳貴臨 (Hanyu Pinyin Wu Guilin wú guì lín), who was hailed as the strongest player outside of China in the 1990's. He has defeated many Chinese masters and grandmasters. 
IGM Wu is still very active in Xiangqi and has formed his own school in Kaohsiung and is happily married to International Grandmaster and former World Champion Gao Yiping.
Click here for more of IGM Wu's games and here for his short biography.
Acknowledgement: Dave Woo for pointing out several typing errors in the 5th game. It should be GM Xu Yinchuan who won that game. Thanks! I would appreciate any proofreading.

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