Xiangqi composed games or endgame compositions排局 are Xiangqi puzzles that were deliberately created to demonstrate a brilliant checkmate or an equally brilliant forced draw. They are unlikely to be seen as a continuation from mid-games in the course of normal play. Most have their origins from end games.
An introduction has been given in the basics section. Click here to see it.
There are thousands of composed endgames or endgame compositions (both WXF definitions). A lot of them are found in the various ancient manuals. These section will only deal with the more famous or remarkable ones and the more contemporary ones. The reader is advised to go to the various ancient manuals to view the various puzzles.
I am still thinking of a way to present them in a more orderly fashion and it will take some time.
Please tell me what you think if you have any good suggesions.

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The Big Four Endgame Compositions.
  七星聚会 The Gathering of the 7 stars. ( over 300 variations, took me over 10h...)    
  千里独行 Travelling a Thousand Miles Alone  
  蚯蚓降龙 Earthworm Defeating Dragon   
  野马操田 Wild Horse Roaming Fields 01 , 02 , 03   

Below is a collection of various endgame compositions made that they resembled certain letters of the alphabet, chinese character... They are very very hard to collect. If anyone has anything to contribute, please email me at or .

Endgame compositions in the form of chinese characters: 01
Endgame compositions in the form of the English alphabet : 01
Endgame compositions in the form of the numbers: 01  
Super Duper Long Endgame Puzzles. Click here...

Endgames with no Kings!
1C2H catch king in 5 moves      

Introductory Video to Xiangqi Endgame Compositions

First created: May 2011
Last updated: 22nd May 2019

Mr Felix Tan for providing the 1C2H catch king in 5 moves games.
Lily for requesting the big 4!

1. In chinese<<象棋入门>> by 李浭 and 马正福
2. In chinese,
 <<象棋辞典>> by 屠景明 杨柏伟
3. In chinese, <<当代经典排局>> by 樊文兆
4. Many ancient manuals, especially the Bamboo Fragrance Manual.

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