Basic Kills with 2 Cannons

A pure endgame with 2 cannons in the end is a rare event. Nevertheless, it is basic knowledge. The fastest way to a checkmate in Xiangqi is 4 moves and this is the kill used.
The first board has been made to explain to the beginner why the it is a checkmate when the two cannons are in the same file/rank as the opponent's king when the king is unable to leave that file/rank. The following few boards show other ways the double cannons can kill.
By virtue, the double cannons or tandem cannons as it is sometimes known (and as recommended by the WXF) , can only checkmate via a file type or rank type checkmate. Control of the relevant files or ranks are of the utmost importance. When a file + rank type of checkmate is used, it is known as the heaven and earth cannons checkmate. Please go the the basic kills section to understand.
The last board is a basic kill that the beginner should know. I have included a page on it in the basic kills section.

First created: March 2011
Last updated 29th November 2011
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