Chariot Horse Discover Capture Checkmate  拔簧马

In the free E-book by Zhu Baowei (available for download at the WXF), this kill was known as the chariot horse checkmate. Unfortunately, there are a few other terms with similar meanings. Hence, I have taken the liberty to call it the Chariot Horse Discover Capture Checkmate. It is almost impossible to translate the chinese name too.
The chariot and horse when used together is a very powerful killing combination. However, the opponent may use other pieces to block, contain etc to defend against this kill. Hence, the chariot and horse side makes of the discover check to capture the opponent's defending pieces, one by one until all the roadblocks are removed. Then a kill with the horse and and chariot is performed. When this kill is used, the horse and chariot will perform the following routine consecutively: check--> capture --> check --> capture...-->checkmate, allowing no room for the opponent to escape.

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