Palcorner horse checkmate
挂角马 士角马 杀法  
Octagonal horse checkmate

This is the palcorner horse checkmate. The horse is placed at one of the corners of the palace. By virtue of the movement of the horse, it will control 2 points in the palace. The king in check would be limited to certain intersections in the palace, whereby another attacking piece will finish off the kill.

When, the king happens to be at the direct opposite of the horse diagonally, the horse will be called an octagonal horse 八角马. The king would be trapped as the horse will have controlled all its possible moves. Another attacking piece, usually a chariot will be used to finish off the kill.

As these 2 kills are basically the same, I have grouped them under this page for your perusal. Sometimes, these two terms are used interchangeably or just simply called the palcorner horse checkmate.

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