Basic Kills
1 Chariot 1 Horse 1 Pawn

This is quite a practical kill, although the chances of you having this combination at the end of the game is rare.
By virtue of the movement of the horse, it can control at most 2 points in the palace. The chariots can then be used for the kill. When the horse is available, ALL the horse kills listed in the basic kills page can be made use off. Sometimes, to faciliate the final kill with one chariot and one horse, one of the chariots is sacrificed. A pincer type of checkmate can also be achieved with this kill.
The pawn may function as a chariot if it gets close enough to the palace.
Below are some of the examples that I have collected and organized from some of the ancient manuals. Some of the pieces may be sacrificed, offered or used with a variety of other tactics to achieve the final checkmate.

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