Basic Kills with the
1 Chariot 1 Horse and 1 Cannon 
Combination p08

This is perhaps the most lethal of the combination kills.
With 1r1r1c, there are so many ways to kill your opponent. The horse cannon killing techinique, chariot horse killing techniques etc can all be used in conjunction to create a file/rank/pincer type of kill. Below are some of the examples that I have collected and organized from some of the ancient manuals. Some of the pieces may be sacrificed, offered or used with a variety of other tactics to achieve the final checkmate.
The following boards were classified and collected from the Extreme Manual.

First created: Sept 2011
Last updated: 28th Nov 2011
All the unsung heroes who created, studied and modified the ancient manuals to give us what we have today.
To be continued ...

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