Basics of XiangQi Tactics
BY Li HaiMing and Lin Qin

This is one of the most basic books on XiangQi tactics and it available in pdf which is free for download from the World XiangQi Federation Website at this link for the pdf version. Although I do not know the authors, the examples presented are excellent. It is one of the best written books I have read regarding the subject. I do not agree with some of the translations and will use my own in the following boards, not out of disrespect, but I think it would feel more comfortable reading it that way.
And the reason for choosing to do a book that is free for download is not that I am lazy, but I think the reader can learn much more efficiently with the cbr files I have prepared.

Chapter 01: Shifting 挪 or 騰挪 01 02 
Chapter 02: Capturing Material by means of a discovered check 抽
Chapter 03: Capturing material 捉
Chapter 04: Exchanging material 兌
Chapter 05: Containment 牽
Chapter 06: Obstruction 攔
Chapter 07: Expel 逐
Chapter 08: Transferring 運
Chapter 09: Abandoning/Sacrificing 棄
Chapter 10: Checkmate/Kill 殺

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Last updated: 2nd Sept
Mr Chris Hankinson for his help.
Mr John Truong for telling me that the link to the WXF do not work. They do now!

Master Reference:  <<象棋戰術初步>> by Li HaiMing 李海鳴 and Lin Qin林秦

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