Basic kills in Xiangqi

Ok, now we get to the fun part. Listed below are commonly used killing techniques.

Be sure to get acquainted with them. These are the basics. By the time you are able to solve each diagram before you click on the answer, you probably have started to develop a killer instinct or a sense of danger in your Xq games. Please click on the hyperlink on the name of the checkmate technique you want to see and it will lead to various examples. I will add to the list as time goes on.
I have modified most of the diagrams shown and then tried to organize them in order of difficulty for you to get a feel of the kill. It takes a lot of hard work, learning to kill...And even more work trying to prevent being killed in Xiangqi...
The WXF official notations only include some of the following terms. I will translate these terms as best as possible, maybe even with a bit of humor.
5th May: I just found out today that I had done a lot unnecessary work. There are already tranlated names for the various kills found in a free PDF book on basic kills by Zhu Baowei, which is readily available at . Unfortunately, the terms were not found another article called Xiangqi Terms in English, also from the same website.
And from the information listed inside, there is some confusion with the information found in other books in Chinese.  I will try my best to organize it.

对面笑/白脸将 杀法 : no WXF. Face to face Laughing Checkmate   (called so in the FREE Basic kills manual by WXF from Zhu Baowei , which I had initially called the White-faced general checkmate). 
大胆穿心 杀法: WXF = Throat cutting checkmate 
铁门栓 杀法: WXF(?) . Iron bolt checkmate in Ref 11.           
洞进洞出 杀法: WXF (?) Hole in Hole out Checkmate  Ref 4
双车错 杀法:  WXF (?) . Double chariots checkmate (see  Ref 11) ( "
Crisscross chariot checkmate" was the name I had originally used)       
海底捞月 杀法: WXF(?). Fishing-the-moon-under-deep-sea Checkmate. ( I had originally translated this Checkmate as the 
Deep sea salvage checkmate )
炮辗丹沙 杀法: WXF =
Chariot cannon discover checkmate   
夹车炮 杀法: no WXF.
Chariot double cannon checkmate     
重炮 杀法: WXF =
Tandem cannons checkmate 
闷杀/炮悶宮 杀法: WXF =
Cannon Smothered checkmate 
双杯献酒 杀法: WXF =
Double Cannon Smothered checkmate 
空头炮 杀法: WXF(?). Exposed cannon checkmate. ( I had originally called it the empty headed cannon checkmate 
Empty headed cannon checkmate )
天地炮/十字炮 杀法: no WXF. Heaven and earth cannon checkmate        

Diagram showing the names of the positions of the horses.
A= Elbow horse (WXF)  = 卧槽马
B= Angler horse (WXF) = 钓鱼马
C= High angler horse (no WXF) = 高钓马. Also the position where the horse must be positioned to complete the Tiger Silhouette kill. There is some controversy to this term. According to the " A Dictionary of Xiangqi Terms", High Angler Horse = Angler Horse. Yet, the diagram shown clearly in a beginners manual for the children states that they are different. The following diagram is based on this beginner's manual.
D= Palcorner horse (WXF) =挂角马
E= Palcorner horse(WXF) =八角马. The four horses at the palace corners are all named the same in English.   
F= no name, just to show you the furthest place where a horse can be to be in attacking position.
       diagram showing the various positions of the horses and their names, chinese chess

卧槽马 杀法: WXF = Elbow horse checkmate         
挂角马/仕角馬/八角马 杀法: WXF = Palcorner horse checkmate and Octagonal Horse Checkmate( palcorner = palace corner)
钓鱼马 杀法: WXF = Angler horse checkmate        
侧面虎 杀法: WXF = Tiger silhouette checkmate 
拔簧马 杀法: WXF(?) . Chariot Horse Discover Capture Checkmate Chariot-Horse Checkmate ( it was known as the Chariot Horse Checkmate in the free e-book Basic Xq Checkmate) 
白马现蹄 杀法: WXF(?). White horse showing hoof checkmate       
车马冷着 杀法: WXF Chariot Horse Checkmate/Chariot Horse Zugzwang  
双马饮泉 杀法: WXF = Double horses checkmate     
马后炮 杀法: WXF= Horse cannon checkmate    
三子归边 杀法: WXF= Flanking trio checkmate.
二鬼拍门 杀法: WXF (?). Double-devils-knocking-at-door Checkmate. Ref 11. ( I had originally used the term  Two devils knocking checkmate for this kill. )   
太监追皇帝 杀法 no WXF. Eunuch chasing emperor checkmate.
三车闹士 杀法: WXF (?) Three Chariots attacking advisor Checkmate .
送佛归殿 杀法: WXF (?).  Repatriation of Buddha Checkmate . (I had originally named it the 
Sending the buddha home checkmate)
老卒搜山 杀法 no WXF. Old Pawn Searching Mountain Checkmate .
小鬼坐龙廷 杀法 no WXF. Small Ghost Ascending Emperor Throne Checkmate .
双照将 杀法: no WXF. Simultaneous Double checkmate                
困毙/闷杀 杀法: no WXF. Smothered checkmate        

Basic kills by combination:

3 piece combination: 1R1H1C   2R1C  2R1H

Last updated:14th August 2011

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