The Plum Flower Manual by Wu
<<吴著梅花谱>> Games 1-5

This is The Plum Flower Manual by Wu 吴梅圣. It has another name <<象棋让先秘谱>>. Not much is known about Wu, except that he was one of the top players of his generation.
Like Wang, Wu proposed that the Screen horse was the king of openings and was superior to the Central cannon.
This manual has only 5 boards and only 5 variations to each of the boards. However, you will see more than 5 variations as additions had been added by various other people, particularly Xu Baokang (see below).
It was believed to have been written in the late Qing dynasty but some say that it could be even earlier. It was then passed down and there were many handwritten copies. One of the copies made its way to Xu Baokang 徐葆康 who added his own variations. Xu (AD1899-1971) was a well-known master of Xianqqi in the 1950's and it was through him that Wu's manual was introduced to the world.  
Game 1 : Red uses the central cannon with pawn rank chariot combination. Black uses the screen horse variation. This opening is very practical, even in today's tournaments.
Game 2: Red uses the central cannon with ranked chariot combination. Black uses the screen horse again.
Game 3: In the original manual, it was given that red uses the single horse opening against black's screen horse opening. However, after viewing the opening moves, I have opted to call it Horse opening  with single horse palcorner cannon variation vs Pawn opening. 
Game 4: Red uses the central cannon again, and attacks from the middle with the central linked horses. Black's screen horse defence finally wins or has the advantage in most of the variations.
Game 5: Red uses the elephant opening with cross palace horse variation and black counters with the screen horse opening.

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