Unparalleled Plum Flower Manual  

There were only four boards in the ancient manual. It can be considered to be a continuation of Wang's Plum Flower Manual. The central theme is how black uses the screen horse opening to counter and win against the central cannon with pawn ranked chariot variation.
It is quite a practical opening, although some of the moves early into the game are considered to be serious mistakes by contemporary standards. However, during its time, it was quite groundbreaking.
Some background information: 
<<无双品梅花谱>> or The Unparalleled Plum Flower Manual was authored by 周廷梅 Zhou Tingmei (date of birth and time of death unknown), who was a businessman dealing in timber. The book was written around AD 1760 and was believed to be the remains of another massive piece of work that was lost through the ages.
According to Tu Jingming's Xiangqi Dictionary, Zhou was well versed in ancient scriptures and was perhaps the top player of his time. He had over two hundred disciples learning from him in his lifetime. Zhou had traveled far and wide and was never defeated in his travels, thus earning him the nickname of 天下国手 (Unbeaten National Player, which was a term used at the time to refer to the very best)
The remains of this Plum Flower Manual were published by 林幼如 in <<象棋月刊>> in 1948, and was given the name thus used. Mhpwsp will be the abbreviation used throughout this site.
Unparalled and Chong Ben Tang Plum Flower Manuals

Together with the Chong Ben Tang Plum Flower Manuals, the book is now available for sale on Amazon. Contains detailed analyses not found on the site.
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Each of the games are listed below. The final board is summary of all the moves, to help you reorganize after going throught all the games.

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