The Plum Flower Manual, Original
梅花谱  Vol. 4, Games 3-4

This is volume 4 of The Plum Flower Manual by Wang, or the original Plum Flower Manual. 
Volume 1 was dedicated to black using the Screen Horse Defence against Red's Central cannon.
In volume 2, red uses the Cross palace cannon opening against black's left central cannon opening. 
Red uses the elephant opening with the cross palace horse variation and gets a beating by black's central cannon in volume 3.
In volume 4, Red starts winning!
Volume 4 is dedicated to the same direction cannons, whereby red uses the filed chariot to win black's ranked chariot variation. The games are similar to the ones in The Secret in the Tangerine.
In games 3 and 4, the opening is basically the same, with red using the riverbank cannon and black just not knowing what hit him...
These games may seem crude by today's standards but they are the backbone and basis of modern day opening theory. And as in the previous games, the kills are spectacular!

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