The Plum Flower Manual, Original
梅花谱  Vol. 2, Games 1-3

This is volume 2 of The Plum Flower Manual by Wang, or the original Plum Flower Manual. 
This is another masterpiece, which has shaped the thinking of openings for centuries to come.
Volume 1 was dedicated to black using the Screen Horse Defence against Red's Central cannon.
In volume 2, red uses the cross palace cannon C2=6 or C8=4. C2=6 is the opening move used here.
Black counters with the left central cannon: 1. C2=6 C8=5. This is a much better counter than C2=5.
In games 1-3, red utilizes the riverbank cannon and moves to the 7th file and takes black's 3rd file pawn. How black counters is the stuff of discussion in these 3 boards.
For beginners new to Xiangqi, the cross palace cannon or 过宫炮 in chinese was thought off as an unorthodox opening, perhaps due to this masterpiece. But it has slowly gained recognition and is increasingly seen in competition nowadays. Black counters for this opening include the left central cannon, the angel's pawn and the elephant openings. Sometimes, the palcorner cannon is used to counter this opening. Red attempts to concentrate his forces on one side of the board early but one of the disadvantages of this opening is the tendency to clog up red's left flank. Still, it is one of my favorite openings.
Although there are quite a few variations in the boards, they are not as complex as the previous ones, and easily understood, so I have added them all to one page.
These three games may seem crude by today's standards but they are the backbone and basis of modern day opening theory. And as in the previous games, the kills are spectacular!

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