The Plum Flower Manual, Original
梅花谱  Vol. 1, Games 6-8

This is volume 1 of The Plum Flower Manual by Wang, or the original Plum Flower Manual. 
This is another masterpiece, which has shaped the thinking of openings for centuries to come.
Volume 1 is dedicated to black using the Screen Horse Defence against Red's Central cannon.
In game 5, black still uses the riverbank cannon but he moves his right horse to the side early into the game.
In games 6-8, because they have relatively less variations, I have grouped them under the same page for your perusal. Game 6, Red uses the central cannon with pawn ranked chariot whereby the chariot crosses over to black's pawn rank. He takes blacks 3rd file pawn...a move that is questionable by today's standards. Game 7, Black mounts an early attack of his own with the riverbank horse. In the final game of this volume, and perhaps the best played game by red, red uses the ranked chariot, which is still often in use now.
These three games may seem crude by today's standards but they are the backbone and basis of modern day opening theory. And as in the previous games, the kills are spectacular!

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