Gems in the Satchet
<<锦囊妙手>> by 倦鹤和尚

<<锦囊妙手>> (Hanyu Pinyin Jin3nang2miao4shou3 by 倦鹤和尚 (Hanyu Pinyin Juan4he4 He2shang4 .

This is another ancient manual, whose author was a monk 倦鹤和尚 . 锦囊means a satchet while 妙手means a brilliant move. In the ancient days, sometimes a person is given a satchet containing instructions to follow in times of peril by an elder, or king or some other wise person. These instructions or gems of wisdom would often save a person's life. Simply translated, this ancient manual is a collection of ingenious Xiangqi pearls of wisdom.
There is very very limited data on this ancient manual. It was thought to be written in the Ming Dynasty and is a collection of 215 endgame puzzles. Red wins in nearly all the games in the book. The book that I have on hand seems to be a collection of the games in that book. It is more of an assortment of various endgame puzzles.
The kills shown are less complex but much more practical than the Elegant Pastime Xq Manual. I find the level of the difficulty similar to the Extreme Manual, and is more appropriate for the beginner or intermediate to begin with before proceeding to the Elegant Manual.
Please click on the game you want to see and it will lead you to a new page in the same window. I have tried to link the pages for your perusal. Enjoy!

First Created: 2nd October 2011
Last updated: 7th November 2011
Acknowledgements: Chris Hankinson for a mistake in game 52!

1. <<中国象棋 江湖秘局—锦囊妙手>> by 倦鹤和尚 in the Ming dynasty and collected/arranged by了然 

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