Hundred Variations Xiangqi Manual Boards 51-60

One of the earliest and still fully extant Xiangqi literature was One Hundred Variations in Xiangqi which would be abbreviated as ‘Hundred’ . The author of the book was believed to have been Zu Long Shi (祖龙 氏 zǔ lóng shì)but not much else is known about the author.
It is not known when Hundred Variations was first printed, but reprints of the manual were already mentioned in a book catalog that dated back to 1522AD (Ming Dynasty, Jiaqing period), meaning that Hundred Variations had already existed much earlier. There were many more reprints of the ancient manual in both the Ming and Qing Dynasties.
According to the information given in the Encyclopedia of Xiangqi Manuals, there were several versions of the ancient manual that were present throughout the centuries, but the material was essentially the same. The only differences in these versions were the calligraphy used and the change of the wording used for the Forward used.

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