To begin with, writing and creating the website was the most fun I have had in years.
The idea started one day when I was playing Xiangqi against Mr Harvey Blume on the net. We were chatting, and he was very interested in Xiangqi. He was very eager to learn the game and I was willing to share. Unfortunately, he said that he could only find very limited resources in English on the web and that started me on my journey. Mr Blume has also coerced me into buying several English publications on Xiangqi to aid in my website. But I thank him because they have been good reading materials. He has also provided much insight to the articles that I have written and polished them. If the visitors to this site find my articles a good read, most of the credit should be given to Mr Blume.
Mr Harvey Blume is a writer, Xiangqi and International chess player, living
in Cambridge Massachusetts.

I then started on finding an Xq engine. That was when I met Mr Jeremy Craner, creator of Qianhong. His help has been invaluable. Qianhong was the Xiangqi engine that I had originally wanted to use. It is very user-friendly and has very good plug-ins. And Mr Craner has done an excellent job with introducing the various pieces and the game itself. I give it a two thumbs up and a 6 star rating and would sincerely recommend it to anyone wanting to use an Xq engine other than the one found on my site. I would definitely have used Qianhong if it could be used without downloading.  

Another problem that I faced was the lack of official translations to help me in my articles. I was on the verge on giving up when Mr Felix Tan and Mr Peter Sung came to my rescue. They gave me encouragement and also pointed to me where I could find the resources I needed. Mr Felix Tan is currently with the Asian Xiangqi Federation, is still very active in organizing competitions and perhaps a greater lover of Xiangqi than I am. A lot of the games on the net found in both the AXF and WXF sites are his work.  

Mr Peter Sung is THE admin in charge of the WXF website. He is also currently the vice president of the Toronto chess association. Not enough can be said of the help he has given me. I thank these two gentlemen from the bottom of my heart. The Xiangqi engines that I am using on this site were suggested tom me by Mr Sung.  

The next problem I encountered was the website itself. I went out, bought a few Dreamweaver and HTML manuals, downloaded almost everything I could find on Youtube on the subject. But alas, it was still too much for me. Lady Luck smiled again and I was introduced to Mr Jono Chen and Mr Xen Wang. They belonged to an internet company and has helped me a lot.  

Another person I must thank is Mr OH Tan. He is my “frenemy”. We grew up together in Singapore and are the best of friends. However, he is also the biggest ego bruiser that I have had in my life. I have yet to beat him in Xiangqi decently for the past 20 years… One of the reasons why I created the site was because since my chances of beating him in this lifetime are slim, I have decided to propagate the game and hopefully someone will do the dirty work of beating him for me, in Xiangqi that is…Yes, you are a marked man now. I have the entire English world at my disposal…He has also provided much help, amidst “criticisms” though… and...where are the photos you owe me for the site???

Mr Lau Mong Yong is another friend who has helped. He is a very accomplished Xiangqi player, works as a teacher and is still actively teaching the game to many young children in Singapore. He was once a ranked player in Singapore before family commitments made him slow down. Mr Lau has also given me pointers in my own game on many occasions. Many of the photographs found on this site were generously contributed by him.

Mr Chris Hankinson is another person I must thank. He is a seasoned player in both chess and Xiangqi, and has graciously allowed me to post the videos he has on my site (coming soon...). He has also provided many new English links that I have not found which are very informative.

Many many more people have helped as I trudge throught the site. It is 3am now...I will tell the world after I have had some sleep....

This list will still grow on…

Last updated: 18th April 2011 2am

 23rd April 2011
And the list has grown!!!!

Carlos of mexico has been very excited with my site. And has given me many invaluable suggestions to make it better. God is in the details or so the saying goes. I think that Carlos is the angel sent :) And if you notices that some of the diagrams explaining stuff looks much better, it is because Carlos re-did them. I hate photoshop and artwork and was nearly on my knees with gratitude to Carlos for doing them.

Antonio from Poland has also been helpful. He has shown and proven to me that Xiangqi is not so limited to China or Asia as I would have thought.

And may the list of acknowledgments explode!


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