I have played the game of Xiangqi (or Chinese chess as it is more commonly known ) for the past 20+ years. Because of work and family commitments, I have not been able to embrace the game as enthusiastically or fervently as I did when I was schooling. However, I still try to find time now and then to continue my love affair with Xiangqi. Believe me, it is like trying to hide a mistress in my computer, away from the eyes of my wife…

One of my favourite pastimes is to play Xiangqi on the net, after my wife has slept or my child has stopped clamouring for attention, and after I have finished my household chores. It was during those games that I conceived the idea of creating this site. Xiangqi is perhaps the most played game in the world, yet a few Caucasian opponents and foreigners lamented on the lack of English Xiangqi resources. They asked for tips here and there and I was more than willing to share the limited knowledge that I have. Then, I started to surf the net and found out that English articles in Xiangqi are indeed very limited. There are some very good sites in English, maintained by many enthusiasts like myself, but I believe there should be more such websites. After all, if there are a zillion websites on chess in various languages, why should there be so few sites on Xiangqi in English, when perhaps more people play the game? That is why I decided to create a website that I think would help English speaking people who know little or no Chinese.

My level of Xiangqi skill is limited. I am at best a club level player. Neither am I a reporter or journalist, I just like to read a lot. But the enthusiasm for Xiangqi is real and burning.

What I hope to achieve through this site is to promote Xiangqi to the English speaking world. I hope to share with the world the fun of Xiangqi and its ingenuity. And I wish to introduce Xiangqi as more than just a game, more like a way of life for millions of Asians in the eastern hemisphere. Just as I like watching the NBA and the English Football League, I enjoy news or gossip or trades etc of the players off the court or off the field. I would like to share Xiangqi in the same way.

But, to date, there is only one me. And I have very limited computer skills. I believe there are many out there who want to chip in and I call on these enthusiasts to come and enjoy the game whilst promoting it. Progress is slow but I have enjoyed the process every bit. Reading through tons of website material and flipping the pages of my Xiangqi manuals (in the dead of the night of course…) has made me feel young and invigorated again. Join me!

Bear with me, as I try to lead you into the world of this ancient game. There are a few points to note though:

1)      this is not an official Xiangqi website, although I will try my best to make use of official material from the World Xiangqi Federation, the Asian Xiangqi Federation and other governing bodies.

2)      I will try to present the basics as simple and as clear as possible. References will be made and hyperlinks or textbooks will be recommended. I repeat, I am no authority on the subject, but what I hope to achieve is to lay the foundations for others to continue. Think of my articles or website as sort of a Xiangqi Wikipedia.

3)      I will try to present facts as truthfully as possible. Opinions will seldom be used unless it is generally accepted. Many mistakes will be made but I will attempt to correct them should I find them. Please help me if you notice something wrong that I did not.

4)      What I think is fun may not be interesting to you. Please feel free to email me should you want to know anything regarding Xiangqi. I will try to find the answers as best as possible but there are limitations to my capabilities. And if I am not able to find the answer, I will truthfully say so.

5)     I will acknowledge all the material that I have used on this site. Some were provided to me from other visitors to my site, or found in other websites. Every care has been taken so as there will be no copyright infringements. However, should anyone be offended, please tell me so, and I will remove the relevant material ASAP!

It is 2am in the morning now.

Please contact me for any questions or suggestions or others.




Last updated : 24th April 2011



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