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Master Liu Xing刘星 L
GM Bu Fengbo卜凤波
Best Same Direction Cannons Game in 1981

ECCO D29 Same Direction Cannons: Filed Chariot vs Ranked Chariot
ECCO:D29 順炮直車對橫車

Another game with commentary found on the internet. Yes, there are tons of stuff on the net.
I found this file on the net. It was given as the best same direction cannons game of 1981. I did not know that they actually had such selections, or who did the selections for that matter. And there was not much information given about the competition or when the game was played.
Anyway, Master Liu Xing goes up against GM Bu Fengbo. For some of the older fans, Liu Xing is not an unfamiliar name. He is known for his aggressive play. He has beaten many GMs on many occasions in his heyday. Master Liu Xing is still very active in competition and now renders his services as coach and player of the Shenzhen team, together wih Master Huang Yong
Two boards have been provided for you to compare the variations. Enjoy!!!

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